Spring Cleaning and Recycling Metal in St. Louis

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Recycling Metal: The Little Things Matter Too

When you think about scrapping or recycling metal, ferrous metals (those containing iron) come to mind. Drop off your old car. Get rid of that old iron fence, or clean up those old pipes in the yard. But did you ever think about your old kitchen ware, copper pipes, motors, batteries, or old brass doorknobs?

Scrap Mart Metals takes all of these. Not only is this convenient, but it is also profitable, for you. We have the highest payout and take the largest variety of materials. A few copper wires or spare cans may not seem like a lot, but save them up and they are cash in your hand.

Everyone needs to replace their pots and pans, and these can produce a tidy sum. Try turning this into a spring cleaning project. Some of those old aluminum pans are a little worse for wear, and the Teflon is coming off those non-stick fry pans. Why not clean them out, cash in on it, and tidy your kitchen all in one go?  Remember that flaking Teflon can get into food, increasing the risk of cancer. Bring the used pans to us, and use the money earned to buy updated, safer cookware.

Why not clean out your garden or back yard? That chicken wire fence meant to keep the rabbits out a few years back is just sitting in a heap and rusting. What about that old barbed wire fence discarded behind the shed or the barn? It’s just rusting, too. Load them in the truck, bring them, and we’ll pay you. Not only does this make your yard safer and clean it up, but it also helps the environment by recycling materials that too often go to the junk yard.

Take this opportunity to clear out any old electrical motors, batteries, or old cars lying around in the shed, barn, or workshop. Old batteries cause harm to the environment, our animal friends, and us. We offer safe, reliable battery recycling.  Sometimes those old electrical motors or old cars we just meant to fix won’t work, so clear out some space for new projects.

Remember that Scrap Mart Metals Recycling gives the highest payout for recycling metal in St Louis and makes getting rid of metal easy with our drive through and drop off metal recycling center.  Feel free to contact us today!