Copper Recycling in St. Louis

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Copper is a commonly used metal. It is strong and reliable and has many uses. Naturally, copper recycling is highly popular in the world of metal recycling.

A little more about copper recyling

  • Copper is electric magic. Copper carries current more efficiently than any other metal. It’s highly conductive properties mean less metal provides more current than other types of conductors.
  • Plumbers, as well as homeowners, love copper. It’s been the preferred plumbing material for decades. Copper is resistant to corrosion and bacteria. It is impermeable to contaminants, soft and bendable, and lightweight. This means homeowners have a safe water supply. It’s light weight makes copper easy to install, and less joints are necessary creating less risk of leaks.
  • Copper is a limited resource, with few discovered mining areas. With few new copper resources, this makes recycling old copper important.
  • Copper recycling helps keep the cost of copper down. The process of mining copper and turning into a usable material is more costly than recycling old copper.
  • Copper recycling is comparatively energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Mining scars the earth in many ways. Recycling copper decreases the need to mine and seek out undiscovered mining sources of copper.
  • Copper recycling yields on average at least 95% of the value of newly mined copper.

With a long-standing history of strength, durability, and versatility, copper is a superior metal. It’s clear why the return on recycled copper is so great.

Scrap Mart’s new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center makes copper recycling easier than ever. We also offer top dollar payouts for all of your scrap metals. Since 2011 we have provided superior service to our customers. To learn more about copper recycling, please contact us.