Sell Scrap Metal for Extra Cash

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Need extra cash? Sell Scrap Metal

Are you in need of extra cash? Did you know that selling scrap metal is a great way to earn quick bucks? And because prices for scrap metal are generally on the rise, you can actually put a little extra cash in your pocket.

Where do you find scrap metal? It’s right in front of your eyes! You’ll find metal hidden in practically every nook and cranny of your home. Green Eco Services suggests some places around the house which can yield valuable scrap metal.

Common Household Places you can find Scrap Metal


The most commonly used items in your kitchen – your old pots and pans, are an excellent source of metal scrap! The refrigerator and microwave also contain a fair amount of metal, especially copper. Even the silverware made of stainless steel can fall under scrap metal. Used beverage cans or UBCs are made of aluminum and can be traded in at a recycling center. Aluminum foil used as cookie sheets or for packaging food is a good source of scrap. The kitchen stove also contains metal parts and can be recycled if not in use.

Living Room & Bedrooms

The television is a good source of scrap metal. The capacitor and the copper yoke contain decent quantities of copper and will fetch a good bargain. Entry doors and lamp bases made of steel or aluminum can also be scrapped at a recycling center. Air conditioners are also a good source of copper. Window sidings, frames, and gutters are usually made of aluminum and can be sold as scrap.

Bathroom & Laundry Room

Almost all electronic items are sources of scrap metal, and washers and dryers are no different. Bathroom fixtures and plumbing pipes are good sources of copper. Shelves, if made of metal, can also yield a good price at the junkyard.


The patio furniture made of wrought iron that you intended to discard all these days is actually metal scrap! Get it out of the way by hauling it to a recycling center! And that’s not all. Lawn mowers, swing sets, iron railings, and weed eaters can also be sold to a junkyard if you no longer have use for them.


Get up there and take a good look at the items that you have stashed away and have long since forgotten. Old chairs, metal frames, rusty old metal tables, worn-out lamp shades, shelves, cabinets, broken down appliances, Christmas ornaments, may all contain metal to some extent.


Do you have old power tools that have gone rusty with time? Pack them off to be taken to the recycling center. Bikes which your kids have far outgrown but still adorn a corner of the garage will also fetch a decent price. Musical instruments that your teenager doesn’t use any longer contain brass that the scrap dealer will only be too happy to receive! And then we come to the biggest source of scrap metal in your garage – your car! If your car is nearing its end, you can make a profit for yourself by selling its parts to a scrap yard. The radiator, nuts, bolts, screws, car batteries, compressors, transmission, carburetor, rims, and plenty of other auto parts will have you smiling all the way to the bank if you sell them to a recycling center!

Get Paid for Scrap Metal

Now that you know that your house is practically a treasure trove for scrap metal, it’s time to collect all that and haul it to the scrap metal recycling center.

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