Why Empty Rifle & Handgun Brass Recycling Is Important

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Anyone who spends any amount of time shooting rifles or handguns generates a lot of empty brass. For the occasional shooter it is tempting to throw it out. The high-volume shooter probably reloads their own ammo or knows someone who does, thereby reusing those fired cases. Either way, when you’re through with empty brass, don’t throw it out. Rifle & handgun brass recycling can put some extra cash in your pocket just in time for the holidays.

Empty brass might not take up much space in a garbage can, but why toss it? It weighs more than a comparable volume of household trash and scrap metal is dealt with by weight. Generally brass is worth between $1 and $2 per pound. 20 rounds of fired rifle brass weighs roughly 8 ounces. Obviously you’re not going to make the trip to Scrap Mart to make just a few dollars. Fortunately brass can be easily stored in 5 gallon buckets, cardboard boxes or plastic tote bins. Even the original boxes can be used if you are the type who is particularly organized. Storage conditions aren’t critical either. The cases don’t need to retain their shine. No matter how you store it brass doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can be tucked away in a basement, garage, attic or shed.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your old brass on hand. Collect it in a bucket at the range and put it in your garage when you get home, then forget about it until you’ve got a stockpile. Then bring it in and collect your money. Contact us to get a price quote or for more information on rifle & handgun brass recycling. Why pay someone to get rid your empty brass when we will pay you?