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Why Choose Us

The Best of the Best

At Scrap Mart Metals, we promise our customers the highest payouts for their materials. We provide excellent customer service to our customers and have always helped them receive the most money for their efforts. As a result, we have earned the reputation of the best metal recycling company in the area.

In addition to the highest payouts, we have the most convenient service. Customers can recycle ferrous metals b driving onto our certified scale. You don’t even have to leave your car. After you weigh, you’ll drive your metal to our steelyard. Someone will be there to unload all your materials. Once this is finished, you will drive to the front and receive your payment. If you are bringing along a junk car, this routine makes the process a whole lot simpler. We understand it took a lot to get our metals to us, so we want to make sure you have the best experience while here. We want recycling to be easy so you can continue to do it over and over again!

If you have any questions about your materials’ price or if it’s eligible for recycling, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Drive On Scale

Scrap Mart customers can recycle ferrous metals by driving to our certified drive-on scale. After you weigh in (heavy), then take your metal to our steel yard to offload. After all of your ferrous metal has been taken out of your vehicle, then head back to the drive-on scale to weigh out (light). Then pull around the front and walk right into the main office to collect your payment.

Highest Payouts

Scrap Mart offers the top dollar payouts for all of your scrap metals. Since 2011 we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in receiving the most money for their metals. With combined manpower of over 20 years of experience, our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best metal recycling company in the area.

Drive Thru Non-Ferrous

Scrap Mart’s new drive-thru and drop of metal recycling center makes it easier than ever to bring in the scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization.

Collect all the recyclables from your home or business you would normally throw away and load them in your vehicle. Make a quick drive over to our new facility in Valley Park and pull in the clean and efficient drive thru. After sorting and weighing your materials we will pay you top dollar in cash. Now that’s recycling made easy! St. Louis’ first and only drive-thru recycling.