Recycle Your Old Car Batteries

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Has your car battery died for good? Are you wondering how to get rid of it? Remember, it’s important you properly dispose of your car batteries. Recycling is the most common and best option for disposal.

Dangers of Improper Disposal

Each car battery contains about two to three liters of sulfuric acid as well as lead and lead compounds. Both lead and acid are toxic and pose a significant threat to the environment. While a sealed battery is safe to handle, improperly disposing of a battery can become dangerous to you and others. These materials need to be properly handled. Do not simply through away your battery or use your regular recycling services. You don’t want the battery to end up in a landfill where lead can leach into the soil and groundwater.

Benefits of Recycling Car Batteries

Up to 99 percent of a car battery can be recycled and the biggest benefit of recycling is that it keeps toxic materials from poisoning the environment. Once handed over to the proper recycling professionals, there are few things that can happen to your battery. The lead and sulfuric acid can be recycled and used in other products. This process uses way less energy than mining and refining ore. It also removes lead from the environment. Car batteries can also be recycled into other products such as laundry detergents, planting pots, and even new batteries.

Where To Go

There are a few places where you can take your unusable car battery. Many people choose to take their batteries to the car dealership where they got their car. In addition, some bring the battery to the store they are buying their new one from. You can also take your battery to a recycling center equipped to receive batteries. One of the most convenient places to bring your battery is to us at Scrap Mart Metals. At Scrap Mart we pay you in return for your old car battery. So not only are you helping the environment but getting paid as well. If you would like more information on our recycling services, please visit us online here or call us at 636-256-7400 with any questions you may have!