Thinking Outside the Scrap Box

 In Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Metal Recycling

There are so many opportunities to recycle our trash and scrap our unwanted items. The problem is many of us are stuck with tunnel vision when it comes to what items can be reused or scrapped for cash. We are missing the chance to cash in on our discarded household and related items by just putting them out to the curb for the trashmen.

Let’s take a look at some items that you may not have even realized you could scrap for cash and how you can maximize your return on your unwanted stuff.

First, consider everything a potential payout. Anything you are getting rid of has the potential to bring in money, especially if it is made of metal. All metal items should be set aside and kept of your trash can or dumpster. You are going to create a pile of cash!

If your items are smaller in size, it’s a good idea to have a separate can or bin to put your discarded metal items in and wait until you have several pieces and then make a trip to the scrapyard.

Item Options

Here are some items to put aside that may not have been obvious recycling or scrapping options.

Wiring is a big one, mainly if it contains copper. Copper is one of the highest paying metals. Anything made of copper, including pipes and plumbing fixtures, should be added to your scrap pile.

Computers and electronics are another overlooked group. Many towns have special disposal rules for these types of items and do not allow them in your regular trash pickup. Scrapping and recycling them alleviates the need to make special arrangements to get rid of them.

Automotive parts such as brake rotors and metal suspension parts made of steel can be scrapped. Also, hardware from doors (hinges, knobs) can be recycled. These are typically made of brass.

Electrical motors from equipment or machines and car and boat batteries can also be included with your metal items.

If you have any questions about what can or cannot be recycled, please call and ask us. We have a convenient drive-up for customers, and we offer the highest payouts in the Valley Park area.