Unconventional Places to Find Scrap Metal

 In Metal Recycling, Miscellaneous Recycling

For you to be a profitable scrap metal dealer, you need to find a regular supply of scrap metals. This means that you have to go the extra mile and source for scrap metals in unconventional places. Below is a list of some of these places.

Health facilities

Ever thought about clinical equipment like beds, walkers, and wheelchairs? Facility superintendents at health facilities can grant you access to their scrap metals. Talk to them and offer to collect their metal wastes free of charge. A majority of hospital administrators will accept your offer.

Industries and companies.

With a written permit from a company, you can be able to get a company’s waste, which contains a lot of scrap metals. Arrange a meeting with the company’s officials and offer to clear their scrap metals for free. Ensure reliability and always be there when the company is cleaning.


Most wrecked metals like bicycles, carts, roofing materials, metallic utensils are found in residents. You can find these materials in your own home or your friends and families. Just make sure that you have permission to take the metal.

Dumping sites

Homes and companies dispose of their wastes in dumping sites. Scavenging can help you to get some metals. Get a collection permit from the local authority, if possible. You should ensure safety since there are many harmful objects on dumping sites. Use equipment like heavy-duty gloves, face masks, overalls, and gumboots for safety.

Agricultural sites.

Places like this are familiar in rural areas. Parts of tractors and worn out metallic fences, among other scrap metals, are all found in these sites. To access this, seek a collection permit from the farm owner or organization. Take heed of harmful chemicals at the site.

Local searching.

Local shops produce a lot of scrap metals that are ready for collection. Approaching the business owner to request approval is the best way to go about this.

Marine searching

If you have the capability, you can get scrap metals by doing a marine search. Large water bodies like oceans and seas contain many metallic objects underneath them. You need sea diving equipment to access these areas. Seek permission if required.

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