Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling: Turn That Tree Into Cash!

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The holiday season is upon us, folks. It is almost time to hang the lights and put up the tree. Some of us are undoubtedly about to put up an artificial tree that will be seeing its last Christmas. Don’t just put it back into the attic or even the trash when you take it down this year. Take advantage of artificial Christmas tree recycling! Scrap Mart Metals offers top dollar for all of your unwanted metal. So why not turn that old tree that won’t be used again into some extra post-holiday cash?


Artificial trees are not made to last forever. With all of the repetitive putting up and taking down actions we repeat every year, wear and tear is constantly happening. From taking it in and out of the boxes and threading lights through it each year, it breaks down. Holes get wallowed out and the needles are constantly being put under stress. If you aren’t putting up a real tree each year, this is the routine that your tree is put through. Recycling it is a great way to get some extra money to put toward a new one for next year.


So is there anything special that needs to be done to the tree before it’s turned in? The answer is no. You don’t even have to take the lights off if you don’t want to. We buy those as well! We have done everything we can to streamline the process for you. You can literally pick your dressed tree up, throw it in the truck and bring it down to sell. We will pay for every bit of metal that you bring us. Be sure to take a look around the house before you head our way. You just might find more scrap metal to sell us. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Like many of us, maybe you went over budget with your gift giving this year. What an excellent way to recoup some of the cash. Contact us today for more information about artificial Christmas tree recycling. We can guide you through the simple process in no time!