Recycling Cast Iron: Don’t Toss that Old Iron Skillet!

 In Cast Iron Recycling

Iron: it’s one of Earth’s natural resources. Just pull out one of those old science textbooks and you’ll find it in the Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol “Fe.” Because it is a natural resource, it’s also a finite resource, meaning that it can potentially be depleted. This is all the more reason to start recycling cast iron! Being a metal, it can be melted and reshaped over and over again!

Cast iron can be found in a variety of places: kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and construction sites, for example.

  • Cookware: Cast iron was (and still is) popular for cookware. If you’re switching to new cookware from cast iron, the old stuff is recyclable (even if it has an enamel coating).
  • Cast iron stoves: Cast iron, or wood-burning, stoves that are no longer needed in the home for heating, cooking, or decorative purposes can also be hauled to the scrap yard.
  • Sinks and tubs: These may have a porcelain coating, but still the cast iron can be melted down.
  • Fences and railings: Cast iron and wrought iron are often used in decorative and practical fencing and railing purposes. If you can stick a magnet to the metal fencing, chances are that it’s iron and can be recycled.
  • Plumbing pipes: Old rusty plumbing shouldn’t just be thrown out. Take it to the scrap yard, as cast iron has been a source of plumbing in many older structures.
  • Engine and machinery parts: There’s a reason to take that old car to the scrap yard–many of its parts are made of recyclable cast iron!

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