In fact, the demand for these items and parts continues to grow around the world. Scrap buyers and yards in the US can take the motors and ship them to a number of different locations. Of course, US manufacturers and metal producers can accept scrap metal into their stock. However, Asian entities are currently the largest buyers of electric motors.

Chinese manufacturers take the motors and refurbish them and then put them into use in their lower value products for the domestic market. By using a recycled motor, they can cut the cost to manufacture a vacuum or air conditioner significantly, up to 20%. Those profits go to the manufacturer who is eager to keep up those savings and has an appetite to buy more motors.

Other manufacturers that are creating a high value product or shipping for the international market need to start from scratch. They melt down the motor into its base metals and reuse them to create new motors or other products.

In either case, the net benefit to the environment is positive because the materials are reused rather than mined from the Earth. It is also the most efficient and profitable option for all involved.

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