Recycling Cast Iron: Turn Junk Into Cash!

 In Cast Iron Recycling

Scenario one: You recently bought an older home and it has a cast iron wood stove in it. That thing is so  beat up that it will cost you a ton of money and work to get it properly reconditioned. What can you do with it?

Scenario two: You finally got the cast iron skillet grandma has been promising you all these years. This skillet has made some of the most memorable meals you have eaten for over 40 years. Grandma had it perfected for her cooking style and she taught you how to use it properly. The problem is you bought 3, 4, or more cast iron skillets trying to get them to “seasoned and conditioned” just like grandma’s, and never got the same results. What do you do with all those worthless skillets?

Scenario three: That old cabin on the lake you decided to fix up has cast iron pipes. Considering the massive amount of renovation that needs to be done those pipes can’t be used, they have to go. Getting rid of them seems impossible, they are heavy and bulky and the trash man won’t take them. How can you make them go away?

Scrap Mart Metals will pay good hard cash at top dollar for your cast iron cast offs, and you get them out of your way. Win-win situation for you for a change. In business since 2011, Scrap Mart Metals has made it easy to dispose of your metals. Customers simply drive their vehicles onto their certified scale to be weighed, the scrap metal gets removed and then the vehicle gets weighed again. They calculate what you are owed, while you are parking, go to the office and collect your payment. Recycling cast iron has never been easier!

Located in Valley Park, Missouri with hours Monday Through Saturday, you have plenty of opportunity to get there. Contact us here to find out exact hours, get our phone number, or send a message, we are here to help you clear out all your old worthless metal. Get in touch today to find out just how much money you can make by recycling cast iron!