Convenient Copper Recycling in St. Louis

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It is common knowledge that recycling is good for the environment, but at Scrap Mart Metals recycling can also be good for you, and convenient too! Located in the St. Louis area, Scrap Mart Metals is seeking to recycle your copper for you. We will purchase your recyclable copper, and in exchange you get to leave with extra money and a cleaner environment. The following are items that you can bring in for copper recycling at Scrap Mart Metals:

  • Copper pipes
  • Copper wire
  • Copper electric motors
  • Copper roofing

Many of these items are commonly used in both residential and commercial applications, and a simple check of your property may result in you finding copper that we want to recycle for you. Copper piping, for instance, is commonly used in plumbing. If you have recently renovated or had recent plumping repairs completed, you may have discarded copper piping to recycle.

The same could be said for copper wiring. Commonly used by electricians for residential and commercial electrical wiring, you may have discarded copper wiring from an electrical project which may need to be recycled.

Copper electric motors can be found in many electrical devices and appliances. For instance, a motor found in air conditioning unit likely contains copper, as would motors found in appliances such as a washing machine and dryer.

Recently installed a new roof? We will purchase your discarded copper roofing from you.

Scrap Mart Metals makes it convenient for you to recycle your discarded copper materials. Our facility features drive thru recycling, making it fast and easy for you to recycle your items and collect your cash. In addition to the convenience we offer, Scrap Mart Metals also pays top dollar for your copper. Don’t let your discarded copper materials go to waste; contact us today. Come visit Scrap Mart Metals to recycle your waste and leave with extra money!