This Convenient St. Louis Hub Makes Copper Recycling Shine

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Save Money and The Environment with Scrap Mart Metals Copper Recycling

Copper is everywhere in our modern lives. Copper wiring is a highly conductive material for electric current, making it a key component of our power grid all the way into the light switch in a wall next to you.  This means copper holds value and is desirable when melted down and made into new products.

Of course, this means that during any building demolition you are highly likely to come across copper.  Always keep in mind that copper can be recycled rather than discarded. In St. Louis, copper recycling is both easy and rewarding because copper is in constant demand.  In addition, you’ll be encouraged to know that recycled copper has the same utility as newly mined copper. Copper is a valuable commodity that continues to be useful, so expect instant payment by the pound when you bring copper scrap in for recycling from anywhere in the region.

Recycling copper has a value to you and to the greater good

Recycling helps decrease the cost of copper for all new industrial applications. This keeps basic technology like home and street light wiring available for all. Working copper mines still exist, but the sheer effort of ore extraction and the toxic damage to their local environments are costly — far more costly than recycling in terms of current dollars and future damage cost.  Recycled copper is much better in terms of direct material costs, public health and eventual environmental mitigation.

Not only that, it will put cash in your pocket: copper has enduring value.

It’s in the Pipes

For decades, new construction and remodels have preferred copper pipes for plumbing. Lighter in weight per linear foot in construction, copper pipes have an advantage from the outset. Less likely to corrode or leak, naturally repellent to harmful bacteria that tend to cluster in pipe joints made of other metals, and retaining scrap value for the future, copper plumbing is the long-lasting, healthy investment for any building project. Recycling that copper pipe pays off in all ways.

Here at Scrap Mart Metals, we are ready to offer you top dollar for your recycled copper in our drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center.  To learn more about copper recycling, please get in touch.  We have been making it easy to bring in scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization since 2011.