St. Louis Steel Appliance Recycling Made Easy

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Scrap Mart Metals: Your Steel Appliance Recycling Experts

You finally got that new front-loading washer and dryer your wife’s had her eye on for months, and you’re psyched that you won’t have to hear about how bad the old ones were anymore. The only problem is what to do with the old appliances. You really don’t want to have junk appliances stashed behind the garage, and they’re not in good enough shape to sell. We have a suggestion for you. Recycle them at Scrap Mart Metals, your St. Louis steel appliance recycling solution.

Recycling is practically a patriotic duty at this point, and you’ll even earn a little money for your trouble. It’s so easy at Scrap Mart Metals — just access our new drive-thru, drop them off and collect your cash. Our top dollar payouts may just leave you with enough cash to build that laundry folding table she’s asking for now that the tops of the washer and dryer are “table-ready”!

Seriously, any time you have an old steel appliance that you need to get rid of, it makes sense to recycle it instead of having it taking up space in the yard or the garage. It’s actually dangerous to leave old refrigerators or standing freezers around if you have kids, or even if there are kids in the neighborhood. Did we mention most neighborhoods won’t take appliances in the weekly trash pick up route? This means you have to pay extra to have a company pick up and dispose of your appliances old.┬áHaul ’em off to Scrap Mart Metals instead, and get paid to do it rather than paying someone else. What could be better than that?

Contact us if you have any questions about current scrap metal prices, and remember, we take all kinds of scrap metal recyclables, so there’s no need to let them sit around rusting, collecting dirt and dust, and taking up valuable space.