Metal Recycling in St. Louis Made Easy

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Metal Recycling in St. Louis made easy at Scrap Mart Metals Recycling

While metal recycling in St. Louis is not always top priority, it ought to be something we think about. When you think of recycling, most people think of recycling plastic containers, paper, glass, etc. However, scrap metal, including copper, aluminum, iron, and much more can be recycled too. Metal recycling in St. Louis is equally as vital to the environment, not to mention may put some extra cash in your wallet.

Scrap metal recycling centers in St. Louis collect much of their metal from the trade industry, but welcome home owners to recycle their scrap metal too. Before you take your scrap to a metal recycling in St. Louis, you should sift through the junk and scrap. In order to get the most value for your scrap metal, you should be acquainted with the kinds of scrap metal you have and just how much they are worth, although Scrap Mart Metals always pays top dollar for all scrap metal.

Metal Recycling in St. Louis: Identifying different types of metals

Identifying the kind of metal you have might be as simple as using a magnet off your fridge. If the magnet stays on your metal, the metal is ferrous, which includes common metals like iron and steel. We often find steel in old furniture and appliances, and while steel might not collect much cash in the scrap yard, it should be disposed of properly – so why not haul it off for metal recycling in St. Louis?

When the magnet doesn’t stick to your metal, you’re probably dealing with a non-ferrous metal, like copper, aluminum, and brass. Red in color and in value, copper is usually found in piping, roofing materials, and customary electrical wires. Aluminum can obviously be located in cans, in addition to gutters, siding, doorways and much more. Brass is extremely heavy and is often found in hardware and fittings, for example door knobs and hinges.

Metal Recycling in St. Louis: Let’s get to it.

Now that you know what type of metal you are recycling, it’s wise to find a local scrap yard. Not every yard will take all kinds of metal, so to save yourself some time and energy, call ahead to make sure they take the kind of metal you are looking to recycle. Scrap Mart Metal Recycling in St. Louis takes all kinds of scrap metals, and even have a drive-up scale for customers’ convenience.

So before you decide to put old furniture and “junk” on your curb with a sign that reads “Free,” consider delivering it to local metal recycling in St. Louis for a little extra cash and proper disposal.