Help the World and Your Wallet by Recycling Car Batteries

recycling car batteries

Do you own a vehicle? If so, you will eventually need to replace its battery. If you choose to replace it yourself, there are a number of safety measures to follow:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removal and replacement;
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves;
  • Do not toss it into your household trash, but instead place it in a waterproof, upright container;
  • Safely transport the old battery to a location that accepts car and marine batteries for recycling.

Most of us learned as children the 3 R’s of saving the Earth: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One way you can do your part is by recycling car batteries, and according to Battery, 99% of lead batteries are recyclable.

A car’s battery has a number of recyclable elements: the plastic, the lead, and even the acid. The plastic is broken down into pellets that are made into parts for new items–including future batteries. The same goes for lead, which can be melted into ingots that can be formed into new battery posts. Amazingly, even the acid can be neutralized and turned into something useful, such as a substance used in laundry detergent, glass, or textile manufacturing.

Scrap Mart offers you the highest prices for your scrap metals, as well as for your old, useless batteries. It’s basically a win-win situation: you get top dollar for recycling car batteries you might consider waste, and you are playing a part in making the Earth a better, cleaner place. Feel free to contact us to learn of our convenient service, including our certified drive-on scale, located in Valley Park, Missouri.

This Convenient St. Louis Hub Makes Copper Recycling Shine

Copper Recycling

Save Money and The Environment with Scrap Mart Metals Copper Recycling

Copper is everywhere in our modern lives. Copper wiring is a highly conductive material for electric current, making it a key component of our power grid all the way into the light switch in a wall next to you.  This means copper holds value and is desirable when melted down and made into new products.

Of course, this means that during any building demolition you are highly likely to come across copper.  Always keep in mind that copper can be recycled rather than discarded. In St. Louis, copper recycling is both easy and rewarding because copper is in constant demand.  In addition, you’ll be encouraged to know that recycled copper has the same utility as newly mined copper. Copper is a valuable commodity that continues to be useful, so expect instant payment by the pound when you bring copper scrap in for recycling from anywhere in the region.

Recycling copper has a value to you and to the greater good

Recycling helps decrease the cost of copper for all new industrial applications. This keeps basic technology like home and street light wiring available for all. Working copper mines still exist, but the sheer effort of ore extraction and the toxic damage to their local environments are costly — far more costly than recycling in terms of current dollars and future damage cost.  Recycled copper is much better in terms of direct material costs, public health and eventual environmental mitigation.

Not only that, it will put cash in your pocket: copper has enduring value.

It’s in the Pipes

For decades, new construction and remodels have preferred copper pipes for plumbing. Lighter in weight per linear foot in construction, copper pipes have an advantage from the outset. Less likely to corrode or leak, naturally repellent to harmful bacteria that tend to cluster in pipe joints made of other metals, and retaining scrap value for the future, copper plumbing is the long-lasting, healthy investment for any building project. Recycling that copper pipe pays off in all ways.

Here at Scrap Mart Metals, we are ready to offer you top dollar for your recycled copper in our drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center.  To learn more about copper recycling, please get in touch.  We have been making it easy to bring in scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization since 2011.

Copy & Fax Machine Recycling: Don’t Go the “Office Space” Route

Copy & Fax Machine Recycling

Responsible Copy & Fax Machine Recycling in St. Louis

It’s a classic scene from a classic film: three office workers take their dysfunctional printer out into a field and proceed to destroy it with kicks and baseball bats, set in slow motion to mid-’90s hip hop. This vignette from Office Space gave cathartic voice to office workers everywhere, simmering with frustration (and sometimes, outright rage) at their printers, copiers, and fax machines, which seemed bent on making every work day an exercise in technological warfare.

If you’re feeling similar emotions toward your aging office hardware, it may be tempting to go the Office Space route and take your fax machine out back to smash it into pieces. We don’t doubt that would feel good. But there’s another option, which we guarantee you’ll feel better about for much longer than it takes to put your baseball bat away: copy & fax machine recycling in St. Louis allows you to get rid of old office machines, make some extra cash for your business, and know that your equipment is being disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Thinking of just throwing your old fax machine in the Dumpster? First, consider Mother Earth. When you dispose of office machines in landfills, hazardous toxins like lead and mercury can leach out into the water supply. And when you choose a disposal company without much experience, they might not handle your materials properly and expose their workers or the environment to those toxic substances.

Scrap Mart Metals has been recycling metals in the St. Louis area for years, which means you can trust us to recycle your old printer, copier, or fax machine responsibly. You’ll also know that you’re getting top dollar for anything you drop off with us. Smashing the copier with a baseball bat might feel good in the moment, but won’t you love knowing you made the responsible (and lucrative) choice?

Contact us with any questions you have about recycling your computer, printer, copier, or fax machine, or any other materials from your home or business.

Spring Cleaning and Recycling Metal in St. Louis

Spring Cleaning and Recycling Metal in St. Louis

Recycling Metal: The Little Things Matter Too

When you think about scrapping or recycling metal, ferrous metals (those containing iron) come to mind. Drop off your old car. Get rid of that old iron fence, or clean up those old pipes in the yard. But did you ever think about your old kitchen ware, copper pipes, motors, batteries, or old brass doorknobs?

Scrap Mart Metals takes all of these. Not only is this convenient, but it is also profitable, for you. We have the highest payout and take the largest variety of materials. A few copper wires or spare cans may not seem like a lot, but save them up and they are cash in your hand.

Everyone needs to replace their pots and pans, and these can produce a tidy sum. Try turning this into a spring cleaning project. Some of those old aluminum pans are a little worse for wear, and the Teflon is coming off those non-stick fry pans. Why not clean them out, cash in on it, and tidy your kitchen all in one go?  Remember that flaking Teflon can get into food, increasing the risk of cancer. Bring the used pans to us, and use the money earned to buy updated, safer cookware.

Why not clean out your garden or back yard? That chicken wire fence meant to keep the rabbits out a few years back is just sitting in a heap and rusting. What about that old barbed wire fence discarded behind the shed or the barn? It’s just rusting, too. Load them in the truck, bring them, and we’ll pay you. Not only does this make your yard safer and clean it up, but it also helps the environment by recycling materials that too often go to the junk yard.

Take this opportunity to clear out any old electrical motors, batteries, or old cars lying around in the shed, barn, or workshop. Old batteries cause harm to the environment, our animal friends, and us. We offer safe, reliable battery recycling.  Sometimes those old electrical motors or old cars we just meant to fix won’t work, so clear out some space for new projects.

Remember that Scrap Mart Metals Recycling gives the highest payout for recycling metal in St Louis and makes getting rid of metal easy with our drive through and drop off metal recycling center.  Feel free to contact us today!

Take Back Your Garage: Make Use of Valuable Metal Recycling in St. Louis Today!

Valuable Metal Recycling

Valuable Metal Recycling Opportunities At Your Fingertips

Believe it or not some people actually use their garages to park their cars in them! Yes, I was shocked at the sheer ingenuity involved with such a novel idea. The reason this stumped me as such a revolutionary concept is that most of us seem to use our garages as a scrap heap where we store everything we either haven’t used in the last 15 years, or have no intention of ever really using. This would not be the case, however, if everyone knew how valuable metal recycling really can be.

Many garages scattered across suburban neighborhoods from San Diego, CA to Bangor, ME have an allotment of materials including copper wire, stainless steel, old batteries, cast iron pots and pans, electric motors, and more in them. That list doesn’t even include the piles of aluminum cans that we have all been meaning to turn in at some point but just haven’t got around to yet.

Here’s another novel concept: How would you like to join the vastly increasing number of Americans who are taking back control of their garages? Yes, you too can appreciate the comfort and convenience of having your actual vehicle parked in your garage and safe from the outdoor elements at all times. How does one accomplish such an ambitious feat, you may ask? Well, you can start by getting rid of all that stuff that is taking up space in there and preventing your vehicle from using it. Take all those aluminum cans, spare computer parts, tangled messes of wire, dead batteries, and more for valuable metal recycling.

Scrap Mart Metals Recycling is located in Valley Park, MO and pays top dollar for most of the items mentioned and much more in this article. Therefore, we can help you to not only get your garage back, but also profit from the removal of these items as well. We have convenient hours and various services available to make it as painless a process as possible for you, so please contact us today for more information.

How to Make Money Recycling Aluminum Cans in St. Louis

recycling aluminum cans in st louis

Make Money Recycling Aluminum Cans. It’s Easy!

Looking to earn some extra cash while cleaning up the environment in the process? If so, you should consider recycling aluminum cans in St. Louis.

Buy Cans, Not Bottles

When buying groceries, skip the plastic and glass soda bottles and choose aluminum cans instead. In states with “Bottle Bills,” you can earn cash for recycling glass bottles, but focusing your efforts on recycling aluminum cans is far more efficient. Unlike glass and plastic, you can crunch aluminum cans, allowing you to stuff more of them into a bag or storage container.

Ask Friends and Family

Of course, you can also ask friends and family members if they have any empty aluminum cans they would be willing to hand over. Even if they don’t, they may set up a recycling aluminum cans bin just for you. And once the bin is full, you can collect and add the cans to your collection.

Clean Up Recreational Areas

Another idea is to collect aluminum cans by cleaning up recreational areas like stadium parking lots, music festivals, sports arenas, parks, etc. There are reports of collectors earning up to $400 per cleanup session. If hundreds of thousands of sports fans are attending a game, there will inevitably be some cans scattered across the parking lot. With that said, you should contact the property owner for permission before attempting to collect cans.

Partner with Local Businesses

If you really want to take your aluminum recycling endeavors to the next level, try contacting some of the local businesses in your area to see if they are interested in doing a revenue share. You agree to collect their cans, splitting the profits you earn after recycling the aluminum. It’s a win-win for both you and the business owner.

Contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable rates for aluminum and other metals.