Out with the Old, in with the New: Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling

artificial Christmas tree recycling

Easy Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling With Scrap Mart Metals

The Christmas season of joy, peace, and giving has come and gone, leaving behind bright memories and a Christmas tree waiting to be taken down. An artificial tree can last many years, but at some point it does need to be replaced by a new one. Is that where your tree is at this year? Instead of storing away a tattered fake tree, consider artificial Christmas tree recycling!

At Scrap Mart Metals, we recycle metal Christmas trees. Come into the convenient drive-thru at our Valley Park location, and we’ll not only take that old tree off your hands, we’ll pay you for it!

Added convenience

If you don’t want to keep this year’s Christmas tree decorations and lights, keep them on the tree! We’ll accept lighted and decorated trees. This makes it easier for you. Simply take in the artificial tree as it is. We pay you for it, decorated or plain!

Other Metals

Put more money in your pocket by bringing in additional metal. We pay you for aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. We also take old computers and car and marine batteries. Load up your vehicle and drive into Scrap Mart Metals. We’ll weigh and sort your metal, and then pay you for it! Extra cash for the new year is a great thing, right?

When you are looking for artificial Christmas tree recycling, look no further than Scrap Mart Metals. We offer top dollar payouts for all your scrap metal. Scrap Mart Metals continues to be St. Louis’ best and most efficient metal recycling center. Need help finding us? Look here. We’ll see you soon!

Metal Recycling in St. Louis: Turn Your Scrap Metal Into Cash!

metal recycling

Scrap Mart Metals Makes Metal Recycling Easy!

We’ve got something to offer that virtually everybody can use these days — extra cash! If you’ve got scrap metal cluttering up your garage, yard or warehouse, you’re sitting on a gold mine! Pack it up and bring it to Scrap Mart to take advantage of our metal recycling services. We’ve got easy drive-thru scales and convenient drop off (with roll-off carts for big loads) for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and pay the area’s highest prices for

  • Copper Wire
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum and Aluminum Cans
  • Batteries
  • Electric Motors
  • Steel
  • Cast Iron

Why bring your junk metal to the dump when you can turn it into cash? It’s one of the easiest ways to make extra money, plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your scrap metal is being recycled and re-purposed into something new and useful instead of sitting around taking up your valuable space or filling up yet another landfill.

For the best, no-hassle metal recycling service in St. Louis and the surrounding area, bring your scrap to Scrap Mart on West Outer Road in Valley Park. We’re open every day from 7:30 am until 4:45 pm and on Saturdays from 7:30 am until 12:30 pm (closed Sundays).

We even provide free drop off for electronic scrap (excluding TVs and monitors) — and you know how hard it is to recycle your scrap electronics without paying on a per-piece basis!

Now that winter’s nearing an end and milder air is moving into the region, why not spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon gathering your scrap metal and packing it up to take to Scrap Mart during the week or on the following Saturday morning. You’ll leave with a check and a good feeling knowing you’ve cleared out some space that can now be put to better use!

Contact us online or give us a call at 636-256-7400 if you have any questions about current scrap prices. We’ve been serving the area since 2011, and we’re ready to serve you too!

Safely Recycling Computers & Electronics In St. Louis

Recycling Computers

Recycling Computers and Other Electronics Has Never Been Easier!

Many people who have an old computer or laptop that is no longer used are unsure of what to do with it. Security is usually the primary reason they stuff it away on a shelf in a closet. The average computer user may be unfamiliar with how to wipe a hard drive. This uncertainty that a stranger could access critical personal information often leads many to avoid recycling computers and other electronics.

Preparing The Computer

First take the steps to prepare the computer for recycling by securing sensitive information:

  • Back-up any information you need so you can transfer it to another computer.
  • Delete anything sensitive.
  • Empty the computer’s trash can.
  • Encrypt remaining files. Go into settings and find the options for your system to encrypt, such as “Drive Encryption”, “Bitblocker”, or “FileVault”.
  • Restart after encrypting.
  • Unauthorize any account sharing, such as iTunes or Microsoft Office software.
  • Delete browsing history.
  • Uninstall all programs.
  • Wipe the hard drive with the factory reset option.

Why Choose Recycling

Not only are computers manufactured with materials that will not biodegrade, but there are also many toxins housed within. Rather than destine a landfill for contamination, opt for recycling. Not only will you be doing Earth a favor, but you may also be contributing to helping impoverished people. Many old computer components are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Your old computer can help struggling schools better educate another generation.

Recycle Right

Dirty recycling happens. That is when unscrupulous people scavenge computer parts unethically, exposing others to hazardous toxins, like lead or mercury. Unusable plastic is relegated to landfills. Please contact us for recycling computers and other electronics in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Did you know you can recycle your artificial tree & lights?

artificial tree

We’ll pay you to get rid of your Artificial Tree

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, and sometimes even before then, Christmas decorations are hung with pride throughout the interior and exterior of our homes. Lights, garland, wreaths and stockings are just a few included holiday adornments displayed for everyone to see. Of course, we must not forget the main attraction, the traditional Christmas tree. Truly unique from one another, each tree is strategically decorated with colorful lights, various ornaments and other garnishments displaying each family’s holiday spirit.

Out With the Old

Throughout the years, your artificial tree can undergo some serious wear and tear. From packing and unpacking, storage and decorating, it’s no wonder they don’t last forever. Symbolic and filled with important holiday memories, it may be hard to see your beloved artificial tree go, but a year will come where that tree will need a replacement. When the time comes to replace your old tree with a new, don’t just throw it out with the trash. Make the smart decision and bring it to Scrap Mart.

Take Your Artificial Tree to Scrap Mart

Located in the St. Louis area, Scrap Mart offers top dollar payout for all your scrap metals. In addition to providing superior service, Scrap Mart has a new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center making it easier than ever to bring in scrap metal recyclables. They’ve truly made recycling effortless and extremely convenient for their customers.

Scrap Mart is the place to take all your unwanted recyclable metal items, including your artificial tree. We even take old Christmas lights. No need to take out the bulbs, bring everything as it is! Open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:45pm and Saturday 7:30am to 12:30pm, Scrap Mart is ready to take these items off your hands and pay you top dollar for them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (636) 256-7400.

Turn Junk into Cash With Fake Christmas Tree Recycling

Fake Christmas Tree Recycling

Fake Christmas Tree Recycling in St. Louis

Lighted evergreen trees in the dark of winter bring such joy! When your metal tree sees its last Christmas morning, instead of stuffing it into storage or trying to get it taken as trash, give it a new life. Fake Christmas tree recycling is not only practical — it can also put a little jingle in your pocket.

Here at Scrap Mart Metals, our customers recycle non-ferrous metals at our new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center.  We built this center to make it easier than ever to bring in the scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization– including any kind of metal Christmas tree.

We have been getting a ton of calls in the past weeks about Christmas lights and old fake Christmas trees that have outlived their glory. Lights and trees can be easily recycled. That’s right, we will take both.

The main questions we are hearing are:

Do I have to take the light bulbs out? The answer is no. We buy them just as they come and same goes for the tree itself.

Do I have to remove anything? No, just bring it on down, just the way it came from the store. It can easily be recycled.

Will it cost me anything?  The answer is no, never. In fact, Scrap Mart offers top dollar payouts for all of your scrap metals. Take a quick look around — you may want to bring in some other no-longer-used metal items when you bring in the tree.

Contact us.  We’ll get that old tree recycled.