Safely Recycling Computers & Electronics In St. Louis

Recycling Computers


Recycling Computers and Other Electronics Has Never Been Easier!

Many people who have an old computer or laptop that is no longer used are unsure of what to do with it. Security is usually the primary reason they stuff it away on a shelf in a closet. The average computer user may be unfamiliar with how to wipe a hard drive. This uncertainty that a stranger could access critical personal information often leads many to avoid recycling computers and other electronics.

Preparing The Computer

First take the steps to prepare the computer for recycling by securing sensitive information:

  • Back-up any information you need so you can transfer it to another computer.
  • Delete anything sensitive.
  • Empty the computer’s trash can.
  • Encrypt remaining files. Go into settings and find the options for your system to encrypt, such as “Drive Encryption”, “Bitblocker”, or “FileVault”.
  • Restart after encrypting.
  • Unauthorize any account sharing, such as iTunes or Microsoft Office software.
  • Delete browsing history.
  • Uninstall all programs.
  • Wipe the hard drive with the factory reset option.

Why Choose Recycling

Not only are computers manufactured with materials that will not biodegrade, but there are also many toxins housed within. Rather than destine a landfill for contamination, opt for recycling. Not only will you be doing Earth a favor, but you may also be contributing to helping impoverished people. Many old computer components are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Your old computer can help struggling schools better educate another generation.

Recycle Right

Dirty recycling happens. That is when unscrupulous people scavenge computer parts unethically, exposing others to hazardous toxins, like lead or mercury. Unusable plastic is relegated to landfills. Please contact us for recycling computers and other electronics in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Scrap Mart Metals Makes Cast Iron Recycling Easy

Cast Iron Recycling

Cast Iron Recycling In St. Louis Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Cast iron? When you say the word, do you think “skillet,” perhaps? It turns out that cast iron, while not as common as it once was, is still widespread in our communities. There is a thriving market for cast iron recycling in St. Louis. That’s right, if you are looking for cash, or want to help the general cause of recycling, take action gathering up cast iron and selling it to Scrap Mart Metals, trusted regional specialists in metal recycling.

First, check for scrap metal “junk” or other items around your home and yard. Frying pans and dutch oven pots have been made from cast iron for over a century. If you have an old sink or tub, it may be porcelain-coated cast iron. Cast iron is traditional.

Finding and identifying cast iron is easier than locating many materials because it is one of the most identifiable metals around.  Cast iron is a ferrous metal (magnets will stick to it), so by carrying a small magnet you can easily narrow it down to iron and steel. Cast iron is often black in color, though it can be gray. You may spot it in yard or garage sales with some rust stains, or perhaps seriously rusted, confirming that it’s in the iron and steel family. In some situations, you can perform a simple test by dropping a heavy item to see if it cracks or shatters — a dead giveaway when you are trying to figure out exactly what you have. If it doesn’t shatter, but it does attract your small magnet, you can bring it in anyway for expert confirmation. If it does, those broken pieces can be recycled.

Cast iron is all over our towns and cities.  When you are out looking for scrap there are certain items that usually turn out to be recyclable. Cast iron was once the simplest way to create molded metal plumbing shapes in buildings. This includes cast iron bathtubs, sinks of all sizes and older pipes.

It also was favored for heating applications, including those famous skillets.  Old fireplace grates, fireplace tools and radiators from old buildings are often made of cast iron. The fireplace tools are likely to be black, the radiators are often painted, sometimes in a metallic color of paint that may fool the eye.

Bring your collection of cast iron down to Scrap Mart Metals, and drive onto our ferrous metal scale to calculate the pay-out. If you have any questions, get in touch.

St. Louis Steel Appliance Recycling Made Easy

Steel Appliance Recycling

Scrap Mart Metals: Your Steel Appliance Recycling Experts

You finally got that new front-loading washer and dryer your wife’s had her eye on for months, and you’re psyched that you won’t have to hear about how bad the old ones were anymore. The only problem is what to do with the old appliances. You really don’t want to have junk appliances stashed behind the garage, and they’re not in good enough shape to sell. We have a suggestion for you. Recycle them at Scrap Mart Metals, your St. Louis steel appliance recycling solution.

Recycling is practically a patriotic duty at this point, and you’ll even earn a little money for your trouble. It’s so easy at Scrap Mart Metals — just access our new drive-thru, drop them off and collect your cash. Our top dollar payouts may just leave you with enough cash to build that laundry folding table she’s asking for now that the tops of the washer and dryer are “table-ready”!

Seriously, any time you have an old steel appliance that you need to get rid of, it makes sense to recycle it instead of having it taking up space in the yard or the garage. It’s actually dangerous to leave old refrigerators or standing freezers around if you have kids, or even if there are kids in the neighborhood. Did we mention most neighborhoods won’t take appliances in the weekly trash pick up route? This means you have to pay extra to have a company pick up and dispose of your appliances old. Haul ’em off to Scrap Mart Metals instead, and get paid to do it rather than paying someone else. What could be better than that?

Contact us if you have any questions about current scrap metal prices, and remember, we take all kinds of scrap metal recyclables, so there’s no need to let them sit around rusting, collecting dirt and dust, and taking up valuable space.

Did you know you can recycle your artificial tree & lights?

recycle your artifial tree

We’ll pay you to get rid of your Artificial Tree

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, and sometimes even before then, Christmas decorations are hung with pride throughout the interior and exterior of our homes. Lights, garland, wreaths and stockings are just a few included holiday adornments displayed for everyone to see. Of course, we must not forget the main attraction, the traditional Christmas tree. Truly unique from one another, each tree is strategically decorated with colorful lights, various ornaments and other garnishments displaying each family’s holiday spirit.

Out With the Old

Throughout the years, your artificial tree can undergo some serious wear and tear. From packing and unpacking, storage and decorating, it’s no wonder they don’t last forever. Symbolic and filled with important holiday memories, it may be hard to see your beloved artificial tree go, but a year will come where that tree will need a replacement. When the time comes to replace your old tree with a new, don’t just throw it out with the trash. Make the smart decision and bring it to Scrap Mart.

Take Your Artificial Tree to Scrap Mart

Located in the St. Louis area, Scrap Mart offers top dollar payout for all your scrap metals. In addition to providing superior service, Scrap Mart has a new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center making it easier than ever to bring in scrap metal recyclables. They’ve truly made recycling effortless and extremely convenient for their customers.

Scrap Mart is the place to take all your unwanted recyclable metal items, including your artificial tree. We even take old Christmas lights. No need to take out the bulbs, bring everything as it is! Open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:45pm and Saturday 7:30am to 12:30pm, Scrap Mart is ready to take these items off your hands and pay you top dollar for them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (636) 256-7400.

Turn Junk into Cash With Fake Christmas Tree Recycling

Fake Christmas Tree Recycling in St. Louis

Lighted evergreen trees in the dark of winter bring such joy! When your metal tree sees its last Christmas morning, instead of stuffing it into storage or trying to get it taken as trash, give it a new life. Fake Christmas tree recycling is not only practical — it can also put a little jingle in your pocket.

Here at Scrap Mart Metals, our customers recycle non-ferrous metals at our new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center.  We built this center to make it easier than ever to bring in the scrap metal recyclables from your home, business or organization– including any kind of metal Christmas tree.

We have been getting a ton of calls in the past weeks about Christmas lights and old fake Christmas trees that have outlived their glory. Lights and trees can be easily recycled. That’s right, we will take both.

The main questions we are hearing are:

Do I have to take the light bulbs out? The answer is no. We buy them just as they come and same goes for the tree itself.

Do I have to remove anything? No, just bring it on down, just the way it came from the store. It can easily be recycled.

Will it cost me anything?  The answer is no, never. In fact, Scrap Mart offers top dollar payouts for all of your scrap metals. Take a quick look around — you may want to bring in some other no-longer-used metal items when you bring in the tree.

Contact us.  We’ll get that old tree recycled.

Aluminum Siding Recycling Makes Home Remodels Easy!

Aluminum Siding

How to Get the Most out of Aluminum Siding Recycling

For the home remodeler — whether a DIY weekend warrior or a pro contractor — discarding the scrap materials from the demolition portion of the job turns into a distracting and expensive side project. Removing a stucco wall provides no joy in the cleanup and disposal, for example. But a few building materials are in high demand even when ripped, crushed or twisted. Aluminum siding is a great example of a waste product with enduring value.

Aluminum siding recycling at Scrap Mart Metals offers a rewarding strategy for disposal of torn down siding — whether by the truckload or even by the box of small segments and trimmings. We designed our new drive-through and drop-off non-ferrous metal recycling center so we can offer top dollar payouts for aluminum siding.

Bringing in scrap aluminum siding is easy. One tip that can aid in recycling efficiency is to check for ferrous or non-ferrous metal.  Ferrous is just a word for metal with iron in it, so you can easily detect ferrous metal with any magnet.  If you pull down a gutter with the aluminum siding, for example, it’s a simple matter to check to see if a magnet — even something as simple as a souvenir refrigerator magnet — will cling to it. Window frames, gutters and downspouts are often made of aluminum, so after the magnet check, bring them in with the siding. Prioritize your aluminum scrap materials first, and put ferrous scraps into a side collection to take to a different part of our facility.  This makes the process as efficient and rewarding as possible.

No matter what your level of experience with recycling, we’re happy to assist you in determining what you have.  We work with businesses, homeowners and even organizations that do scrap fundraising drives. We enjoy helping people learn that recycling can pay off in many ways beyond protecting the planet we all love. Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have about scrap metals from your remodeling or tear-down project.