Copper Recycling- Why is it So Valuable?

Recycled copper wire

You can call it “poor man’s gold”, copper is one of the most lucrative metals you can recycle. Being one of the oldest continually used metals in the world, copper is found as an alloy in other metals, as well. Copper recycling helps preserve the value of this prestigious metal.

The average American home’s inner working depend on copper and all the properties it brings. Being an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, copper wire makes up much of a typical home’s wiring. The alloys that make up a lot of the plumbing pipes in a typical home contain copper, as well. The only metal that conducts electricity and heat better than copper is silver.

Copper recycling is essential because it requires much less energy to recycle it than to make it brand new. This provides savings in more than just time and money.

At Scrap Mart, we buy all kinds of copper. Pipes, wires, electric motors, and roofing materials, we will buy it all from you. Scrap Mart offers top dollar payouts for copper and all other scrap metals you have to sell. And with our Drive Thru Non-Ferrous, you can drop off all of your metal recyclables with no trouble at all. We are currently St. Louis’ only drive-thru recycling center.

In addition to copper, we recycle old computers, old batteries, steel, brass, and aluminum. Have an old car you can’t get rid of? If you can get it to us, we will be very happy to take it from you.

Contact us today to find out more about the recycling services available at Scrap Mart!

Help the World and Your Wallet by Recycling Car Batteries

recycling car batteries

Do you own a vehicle? If so, you will eventually need to replace its battery. If you choose to replace it yourself, there are a number of safety measures to follow:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removal and replacement;
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves;
  • Do not toss it into your household trash, but instead place it in a waterproof, upright container;
  • Safely transport the old battery to a location that accepts car and marine batteries for recycling.

Most of us learned as children the 3 R’s of saving the Earth: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One way you can do your part is by recycling car batteries, and according to Battery, 99% of lead batteries are recyclable.

A car’s battery has a number of recyclable elements: the plastic, the lead, and even the acid. The plastic is broken down into pellets that are made into parts for new items–including future batteries. The same goes for lead, which can be melted into ingots that can be formed into new battery posts. Amazingly, even the acid can be neutralized and turned into something useful, such as a substance used in laundry detergent, glass, or textile manufacturing.

Scrap Mart offers you the highest prices for your scrap metals, as well as for your old, useless batteries. It’s basically a win-win situation: you get top dollar for recycling car batteries you might consider waste, and you are playing a part in making the Earth a better, cleaner place. Feel free to contact us to learn of our convenient service, including our certified drive-on scale, located in Valley Park, Missouri.

Out with the Old, in with the New: Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling

artificial Christmas tree recycling

Easy Artificial Christmas Tree Recycling With Scrap Mart Metals

The Christmas season of joy, peace, and giving has come and gone, leaving behind bright memories and a Christmas tree waiting to be taken down. An artificial tree can last many years, but at some point it does need to be replaced by a new one. Is that where your tree is at this year? Instead of storing away a tattered fake tree, consider artificial Christmas tree recycling!

At Scrap Mart Metals, we recycle metal Christmas trees. Come into the convenient drive-thru at our Valley Park location, and we’ll not only take that old tree off your hands, we’ll pay you for it!

Added convenience

If you don’t want to keep this year’s Christmas tree decorations and lights, keep them on the tree! We’ll accept lighted and decorated trees. This makes it easier for you. Simply take in the artificial tree as it is. We pay you for it, decorated or plain!

Other Metals

Put more money in your pocket by bringing in additional metal. We pay you for aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. We also take old computers and car and marine batteries. Load up your vehicle and drive into Scrap Mart Metals. We’ll weigh and sort your metal, and then pay you for it! Extra cash for the new year is a great thing, right?

When you are looking for artificial Christmas tree recycling, look no further than Scrap Mart Metals. We offer top dollar payouts for all your scrap metal. Scrap Mart Metals continues to be St. Louis’ best and most efficient metal recycling center. Need help finding us? Look here. We’ll see you soon!

Make Quick Money by Recycling Copper Wire

Recycling Copper Wire

You can make real money by recycling copper wire you have on hand. Recycling this valuable commodity means instant payment by the pound when you bring copper wire or other copper scraps into Scrap Mart from anywhere in the greater St. Louis region. That copper wire can be renewed and recycled, again and again.

Copper has enduring value because it is in demand for construction uses. It swiftly transfers electric current from the power grid to most any light switch, hidden in the walls around us. Scrap copper is readily melted down and formed into plumbing pipes and other products for home and industry. This creates a constant demand for this practical material, leading to consistent payouts when you bring copper in for recycling.

Why should you personally recycle copper wire?

  • The most popular reason we hear about is to benefit from our quick, generous payouts. But if that’s not enough to motivate you, we have a few other compelling factors to consider.
  • Recycling copper wire also keeps our environment a healthy place. Working copper mines still exist, but the sheer effort of ore extraction and the toxic damage to local environments proves costly — far more costly than copper recycling both in terms of current health effects and unknown future impacts.
  • Recycled copper keeps material costs affordable, too. Your quick trip down to our metal recycling station helps decrease the cost of copper for all new industrial and residential applications, including street lighting, keeping our communities livable and safe.
  • Because copper is so popular to use, during any building demolition you are highly likely to come across copper wire, plumbing or any other items.

Come on down!

Do some good while you do well for yourself. You and the broader community both benefit when you bring that old wire in and sell it to us here at Scrap Mart Metals!

We offer you top dollar for recycling copper wire in our modern, efficient drive-thru and drop-off non-ferrous metal recycling center. Get in touch to find out more. We have been making it a no-brainer to bring in multiple kinds of scrap metal recyclables from homes, businesses, and organizations since 2011.

Why Empty Rifle & Handgun Brass Recycling Is Important

Handgun Brass Recycling

Anyone who spends any amount of time shooting rifles or handguns generates a lot of empty brass. For the occasional shooter it is tempting to throw it out. The high-volume shooter probably reloads their own ammo or knows someone who does, thereby reusing those fired cases. Either way, when you’re through with empty brass, don’t throw it out. Rifle & handgun brass recycling can put some extra cash in your pocket just in time for the holidays.

Empty brass might not take up much space in a garbage can, but why toss it? It weighs more than a comparable volume of household trash and scrap metal is dealt with by weight. Generally brass is worth between $1 and $2 per pound. 20 rounds of fired rifle brass weighs roughly 8 ounces. Obviously you’re not going to make the trip to Scrap Mart to make just a few dollars. Fortunately brass can be easily stored in 5 gallon buckets, cardboard boxes or plastic tote bins. Even the original boxes can be used if you are the type who is particularly organized. Storage conditions aren’t critical either. The cases don’t need to retain their shine. No matter how you store it brass doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can be tucked away in a basement, garage, attic or shed.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your old brass on hand. Collect it in a bucket at the range and put it in your garage when you get home, then forget about it until you’ve got a stockpile. Then bring it in and collect your money. Contact us to get a price quote or for more information on rifle & handgun brass recycling. Why pay someone to get rid your empty brass when we will pay you?

Recycling Steel With Scrap Mart Metals

Steel is in everything these days – from small cans and handheld tools to massive bridges and machinery – and so it’s no surprise that steel is the world’s most recycled material. Steel is an amazing material for a variety of purposes. It’s a strong, versatile, and completely recyclable metal, making it a clear favorite when it comes to building new structures.

Recycling steel from cans, cookwear, tools, and any other steel products you’ve considered trying to get rid of at yard sales is a simple and cost-effective way to cut down on clutter. Plus, why not earn yourself some money toward your next down payment, family vacation, or new project in the process? To make the process even easier, Scrap Mart customers can recycle ferrous metals by driving to our certified drive-on scale.

Creating new products from scrap also helps avoid the environmental impact of mining and smelting new material, as well as providing you with an average of 10 cents per pound of scrap metal. It might not seem like anything that impressive at first, even if you bring in several truck loads of scrap, but small things add up fast and every little bit helps – for both the planet and your wallet.

Do you have extra steel you no longer need? Would you like to make some quick cash for a new project? Contact us at Scrap Mart! We offer top dollar payouts for all your scrap metal and our new drive-thru and drop off metal recycling center makes recycling steel easier than ever.