Scrap Metal Recycling: Putting Money in your Pocket one Can at a Time

Scrap Metal Recycling

Most people know that scrap metal recycling is important to help sustain our resources but did you know it is also good for your wallet? Recycling trucks now come to our curbs once a week. This is great but all those cans that just went away for free could have made you money. Josey Orr contributed an article to the online magazine, The Art of Manliness to discuss just how lucrative scrapping can be for the seasoned scrapper. Here are some tips to pump up your scrapping skills.

  • Tools: You don’t need much. It’s best to bring along a magnet (so you can identify ferrous from non-ferrous metals) and something to put the metal in. Driving or walking around your neighborhood on trash night could bring in some scrapping dough. Once you get the metal home, sort it into different types and take off any screws or attachments. This will make it easier when you take it to sell it.
  • Types of Metals: The metals that will bring back the highest returns are copper wire, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and cans, batteries, electric motors, steel, and cast iron. Another important distinction you will need to determine is if the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. The difference is that ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous do not. This is important because the difference because the price points differ. Both will bring you money but non-ferrous metals will bring you more.
  • Where to go: Metal can be anywhere but a great place to start is in your own neighborhood. Drive or walk on trash night and you will definitely find some metal. The best way to collect is to notice as you are driving around in daily life. If you see metal in the trash pile, it’s yours to scrap. Never go into fenced areas or someone’s backyard. Additionally you can look on social media and selling sites. Sometimes people will list broken appliances as free because they are hoping someone else will take it away. You take it and scrap it.

If you are near St. Louis and want to get into scrap metal recycling contact us.

Junk Car Recycling: The Benefits of Getting Scrappy!

Junk Car Recycling

Benefit the Environment and Your Wallet with Junk Car Recycling

Have you often wondered what happens to those old junkers sitting by the side of the road? Or, why you’re asked to turn your jalopy over to a junkyard service? Cars at the end of their driving days have value beyond the road, in the form of recycled spare parts and metal for future use. Salvaging steel saves energy, reduces pollution and turns your trash into cash! Scrap Mart offers customers a certified drive-on scale for ferrous metals and a drive-thru equipped drop-off metal recycling center to quickly assist you with smaller office or home items. With over twenty years of experience, our knowledgeable staff provides quality service in helping each customer receive top dollar payout for their scrap metals.

Saves Energy

Recycling saves in several ways, so much so, that the European Union and the United States each developed environment friendly initiatives, (End of Life Vehicle Directives and Cash for Clunkers), to reduce pollution and preserve resources. Here are some of the positive impacts of recycling:

  • Recycling metal requires less energy than forging new metals.
  • Recycling steel is one of the many ways that certain companies cut down on their fossil fuel use.
  • It keeps steel and other non-ferrous metals out of landfills and gets it back into consumer use.
  • It offers safe disposal of hazardous materials and other chemicals like mercury which are found in some car models before 2003.

Trash into Cash

Your old clunker is not trash, so turn it into cash with junk car recycling! Recently automobiles have become the most frequently recycled consumer good! There are a number of wrecking yards looking to take your car off your hands, and pass the profits back to you. Some repairs exceed the value of your vehicle or require servicing too often. This presents an incentive for reaching out to your local Scrap Mart to discuss driving or towing in your vehicle for recycling.

Out of commission cars still serve a purpose by giving their metal and other parts for future consumer use. It’s a no brainer that reusing materials benefits the environment, and what’s good for Mother Earth is good for everyone! Scrap Mart dedicates time to keeping the environment clean and making sure customers receive the most money for their metals. Check us out for more information and find our friendly staff ready to help you to recycle right!

Aluminum Recycling: Environmentally and Financially Responsible

Why Aluminum Recycling is More Important Than You May Think

Aluminum is a soft, malleable metal that is used in everything from the tinfoil in your kitchen to the aerospace program. While it is one of the most common elements, it is not available in pure form in nature; there is no such thing as an aluminum vein or nugget.

Aluminum was not commonly used until the 20th century because the method used to extract aluminum from bauxite ore wasn’t invented until 1888. This method, called the Bayer process, uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste.  Aluminum processing produces sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide, chemicals that, when mixed with the water in the atmosphere, cause acid rain. It takes five tons of bauxite (which is usually strip-mined) to make one ton of aluminum; the remaining mud is toxic and can contaminate water supplies if not properly disposed of.

However, once extracted, aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be melted and reused repeatedly with no decrease in quality. The aluminum recycling process uses only 5% of the energy that making new aluminum requires, and produces 95% less greenhouse gas. Recycling just 1 ton of aluminum saves 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

Aluminum is entirely recyclable – if people collect their aluminum scrap and take it to a recycling center. Aluminum used in construction as well as automotive manufacturing has a very high rate of recycling – some estimates are over 85%. But less than half of aluminum used for cans in the United States is recycled, and when you get to aluminum used for household purposes it’s even lower.  The aluminum that we throw away instead of recycling worth millions of dollars a year.

Bring your aluminum to Scrap Mart Metals – help keep the environment healthy and receive reimbursement.

Why is it so Important to Recycle Old Computers?

Recycle Old Computers

Over the last two decades, computers have gone from clunky to sleek to “barely there” technologies. It’s been a hassle to keep up with ever-changing technology and trying to keep your office spaces up-to-date. Just got a brand new piece of technology for your home or company? Before you weigh down your dumpster by throwing the old one in or adding more waste to a landfill, why not recycle old computers, hard drives, printers, copiers, or fax machines at Scrap Mart Metals? We’ll even pay you for it!

Why is it so important to recycle old computers?

  • Protect yourself: Computer hard drives, cell phones, and other devices can have a lot of sensitive information contained within them; your full identity, passwords, credit card information, and more. Throwing them away means anyone can get their hands on that information.
  • Precious metals: Believe it or not your electronics contain gold. According to this article, “only 10-15 percent of the gold in e-waste is successfully recovered”. Your expired electronics are a great resource that should be taken apart and used for new products.
  • Toxic elements: Lead and mercury are among a number of toxic materials present in electronic waste. Often, our trash is shipped to other countries where these poisons are subsequently, and due to poor processing, released on local populations, causing health risks in many cities and towns throughout the world. At Scrap Mart, we make sure your electronics go through proper processing in order to eliminate this risk.

At Scrap Mart Metals, we know the importance of recycling electronic waste, so we offer you top dollar for all your computers. Pack up your office’s old printers, hard drives, fax machines, and copiers and bring them down to Scrap Mart, you’ll be helping the environment while putting cash in your pocket.

Cast Iron Recycling is a Paying Way to Make Something New

cast iron recycling

Out With The Old, In With The New: Cast Iron Recycling

Cast iron, from its popularity throughout history to its more modern uses, has been an important part of many lives across St. Louis, around the country, and throughout the world. It has been used for more than 2,000 years, and has many different varieties, which are used for different purposes. Cast iron has even left its own footprint throughout St. Louis in its usage on storefronts. But buildings, storefronts, and other structures aren’t the only places you’ll find cast iron. Just take a look around, and you’ll notice the versatile metal in everything from pianos to staircases.

That memorial to one of America’s finest philanthropists? Those words could be written on cast iron. The remnants of the fence that surrounded a farm? Yes, that might be cast iron, too. How about the engine cylinders of some of the first steam engines? Those were often made from cast iron. It’s great to preserve history, and architectural salvage, for example, has allowed everyone from bargain-hunting individuals to large companies to do just that: take items that were once used for some reason, in some setting, and modify them as needed, while preserving the items’ historical significance and aesthetically pleasing qualities.

But sometimes, certain cast iron items are not usable in your setting, or they’re too mangled and damaged to be used in any setting. That valuable cast iron, the material within the object, can be made anew, in a modern item that can be used, valued, and appreciated by another happy consumer. Scrap Mart Metals offers a great way to achieve those goals, through our innovative cast iron recycling. Part of an old building can become a frying pan. Material from a bridge no longer in use can be part of someone’s new house, built with recycled materials. Whatever its destiny, your cast iron can find new life at Scrap Mart Metals — and you can get paid!

We don’t just value the items and metals that our customers bring in — although we’re known for our competitive offers — we value our customers’ time, and the trust they’ve placed in us. We’re open from 7:30 every weekday morning until the establishment closes at 4:45pm. And we’re even open and available to help on Saturdays, from 7:30am to 12:30pm. That means, even if you work full-time during the week or have an irregular schedule, there’ll likely be some time in which you’ll be available — and so will we. We even have a drive-on scale (or drive-thru, depending on what you’re recycling) to make the process less time-consuming for the customer.

If you have any questions about cast iron recycling, please give us a call at (636) 256-7400, and we’ll be happy to help. Scrap Mart Metals, from our location in Valley Park, Missouri, has been accurately weighing — and successfully scrapping — all kinds of materials, from cars to computers to copper wires, over the course of the past several years. Utilizing a variety of cutting-edge technologies, we provide lucrative offers, and an excellent experience when you recycle any of your items that will make you a Scrap Mart Metals customer for life; contact us today to learn more about our drive-on scale (used to weigh ferrous metals, like cast iron) and other impressive services.

Battery Recycling: Turn Old Batteries Into Cash!

Battery Recycling

St. Louis Battery Recycling Has Never Been Easier!

Tired of looking at those old batteries taking up valuable space in your garage — or worse, creating an eyesore behind the garage or tool shed? Battery recycling is an option you may not have thought of, but it’s easy, convenient, and will put a little cash in your pocket to boot!

Keeping old car batteries stored in the garage or anywhere on your property is not a good idea. Leaking battery acid is not something you, your kids, or your pets want to come in contact with. Batteries also contain lead, and we all know that lead exposure is dangerous — especially to small children.

Of course, you can always return an old battery to the auto parts store when you go there to buy a new one, but they’re definitely not going to pay you for the privilege. Why not take it to a scrap yard and get a little cash for it instead? Most households end up with scrap metal — old copper wire, old appliances like washers, dryers, freezers, etc — that needs to go to the scrap yard anyway. Next time you make a run, don’t forget to include any old vehicle batteries you have on hand.

So now you know. Most scrap yards — including Scrap Mart Metals, serving the St. Louis area since 2011 — will pay you cash for your old car, truck, motorcycle, or lawnmower batteries, along with any ferrous or non-ferrous metal items you’d like to recycle. We offer the highest payouts and offer drive-through service. What could be easier? You’ll clean up your garage, help save the planet, and make money all in just one trip to Scrap Mart Metals!

Contact us anytime if you’re curious about prices currently being paid for all types of metal, electric motors, batteries, and even certain electronic items.